Windfarm planning and progress tool

By providing a powerful tool to manage work flow and large data processing, we help our client optimize offshore wind farm projects, where they connect wind energy to the world.

Feature highlights

Visual overview
Interactive maps with customizable informative graphics and elements, this tool gives project managers full overview and control over the windmill site. Quickly make assessments and predict future progress and issues. Compare work flows by evaluating your teams' progress and failures on the fly. Adapt the daily schedule on specific areas to outside forces like weather, tide and other entities through the relevant and dynamic information presented.

Daily reporting
Optimize data collecting and minimize bureaucracy on day to day assignments. Gather data from all departments and merge it into analytical tools and informative statistics. Share relevant data easily amongst departments, client and contractors via an automatic distribution system based on various parameters such as work locations, department and job title. Give outsiders special roles and limited access, and enable 3rd parties to contribute to the daily reporting and evaluations.

Deeply intergrated into the entire filesystem of the company, this tool merges old work procedures from specific departments and simplyfies company filesharing policies and routines.

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